CSI provides turn-key Broadband facility power and site infrastructure solutions.

From power source and distribution to equipment racks, overhead steel ladder and communications cabling, CSI provides comprehensive Broadband site power and grounding solutions.

  • Main AC Power: service entrance, generators and switchgear, UPS systems, lighting and AC distribution.
  • Steel Infrastructure: ladder rack, auxiliary framing, equipment racks, seismic bracing.
  • Grounding Systems: MGB (Main Ground Bus), aisle Grounds and equipment ground drops, external ground rings.
  • DC Power Systems: rectifier, battery, distribution cabling, and distribution devices.
  • Communications Infrastructure: Fiber Management, CAT6/Coax Cabling, telemetry/monitoring.
  • Turn-key design/build of complete communication network facilities.
  • Service/Support: Preventive maintenance, local service/repair, 24 x 7 dispatch.

25 Year Industry Experience