Communications Power Experts

  • CSI is a manufacturer of innovative power products for multiple markets.
  • We provide high-power density and reliability for critical communications powering applications.
  • CSI’s national integration group provides Engineer, Furnish and Install (E,F & I) services that support our customers with comprehensive turn-key design and installation required by today’s fast-track implementation environment.
  • Our service group provides local/regional repair, preventive maintenance, and support logistics. Responsive, local service technicians based in our branch offices with repair parts, batteries, and supplies stocked locally.
  • Our sister company Radiumm Engineering, LLC [LINK WITH ICON] provides advanced facility engineering and contract design services for datacenters, Headends, central offices, and wireless facilities.
  • Our alternate energy group, Commnet Solar [LINK WITH ICON], provides energy storage and Photo Voltaic (PV) combining and DC distribution solutions to our communications customers who are adding “green power” overlay to existing facilities as well as for remote off grid repeater sites.