Systems integration - E, F & I

Design-build, cabling Provision of all power source and distribution equipment Comm. site infrastructure installation Power quality assurance audits

Power systems maintenance

Local service technicians based in CSI regional offices. Annual maintenance agreements for UPS, DC, Generator systems

Repair - site response services

1-800-274-0544 24x7 service hot line Local repair support.

Regional warehouse repair parts stock

Over 300 customer facilities under contract for annual power systems maintenance and service.


CSI in-house staff of service technicians provide competent, responsive and cost effective power systems maintenance and repair support. Integration services group provides turn-key provision and installation of power systems, grounding, equipment racks, ladder rack, fiber management, coax and cat 5 cabling. Licensed electricians provide in-house installation support.

CSI is a manufacturer, integrator, installer, and service/maintenance provider of Communications site power and infrastructure:

Integration Services - AC/DC

We provide comprehensive AC/DC power systems integration services for communications sites.

Power system repair and maintenance services.

An an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We are here to help you succeed. We offer a variety of services that help keep your business investments finely tuned and humming along.

We maintain an excellent staff of power systems specialists based in our regional offices to provide comprehensive power systems maintenance and repair services. We have over 400 customer facilities under annual preventative maintenance contracts.

  • AC/DC power system maintenance and service
  • Generator system maintenance and service.
  • Battery cell checks, UPS battery pack replacements.
  • DC plant battery cell checks and replacements.
  • Generator Oil, coolant, filters, engine service.
  • Switchgear verification and support.
  • One stop shop for all three integrated hub power systems: UPS/DC/Generator.
  • Regulatory compliance for disposal of waste oil, coolant, batteries.
  • Service vehicles equipped with parts and supplies, diesel fuel for tank top-off etc.
  • Annual agreements with typically two visits per year: major visit and minor visit.
  • Site monitoring and power quality monitoring systems with automated call out for dispatch.
  • Over 300 facilities under contract in the United States.