Matrix™ High Density DC power distribution system

1RU 19”/23” Compact power distribution system

  • A/B isolated input version, Single input versions
  • 300 Aper bus input rating
  • Supervisory controller module option.
  • NEW! 1RU tall bullet terminal circuit breakers
  • Circuit breakers available from 1A to 60A
  • Provides more flexibility than KTK or GMT fuses
  • 19”/23” rack mount, 1RU chassis. Front breaker access..
  • High current 2-hole lug landing input bus bars.
  • A/B isolated input version features 10A and 10B circuit breaker positions, 1-60A per socket.
  • Single input version features 20 circuit breaker positions, 1-60A per socket.
  • LED indicators for power input status, circuit breaker trip alarm.
  • Single input battery interface version features 16 circuit breaker positions, one 200A battery input breaker.
  • Set-screw terminal blocks for reliable output load cable connections. UL listed 60A output terminal blocks.
  • Rear panel return bus bar provides either A/B or single input DC return input and load terminations. 60A per position.
  • Removable front panel to protect circuit breakers from nuisance trip, integral breaker ID panel.
  • Optional Integrated Supervisory controller module with LCD display for voltage, current, breaker trip alarms and ethernet port for remote network monitoring.
  • Extremely high power, small rack footprint, flexible distribution. Ideal for distribution from bulk-power rectifiers, point of use DC power systems with CSI battery trays for battery back-up, enterprise applications, cabinet systems etc.