HDX Compact DC Power Distribution Center

High current DC circuit breaker distribution center. 300A per bus, 12 circuit breakers, 8 GMT fuse outputs. Excellent solution for both high and low current loads.

  • Single input
  • A/B isolated Input

Only 2RU!

High density DC distribution for multiple applications. Front access bullet terminal circuit breakers and GMT fuses.

  • 19”/ 23” Rack mount, 2 R/U high. Includes both AM series plug-in bullet terminal breakers as well as 8 GMT fuse sockets for auxiliary loads.
  • High power density and ampacity : 300 Amperes per input: (Single input, A/B input). Accepts up to 12 plug-in bullet terminal circuit breakers.
  • Small RU requirement leaves room for other equipment installation in rack space.
  • Two-hole lug high current bus bars for input and return terminations. Supports large AWG input cable feeders.
  • Standard unit includes front panel with A and B input LED indicators and breaker/fuse trip indicator LED.
  • Bright, color coded LED indicators for A/B input power status, breaker trip and alarms.
  • Form-C alarm contacts for Major and Minor alarms. Standard version includes breaker/fuse trip alarm relay.
  • Single hole or two hole lug termination bus bar array for circuit breaker protected outputs and returns.
  • Flip down front cover panel protects breakers from nuisance tripping. Convenient front access for breaker installation.
  • Plug-in breakers can be installed incrementally as needed to reduce install cost. Breakers can be changed in seconds to support equipment load and future configuration changes 11.
  • Input/output clear plastic termination guard12.