High Density HDDC DC Power Distribution Center

High Current DC distribution center 200A per bus redundant A/B/C version 300A per bus high ampacity, 22 circuit versions Configurable power routing options:

  • Single input
  • A/B isolated input
  • A/B input, C-source redundant diode routed

High density DC distribution for rack mount servers and Broadband applications such as VOD,CMTS, VOIP. Allows high density distribution of DC capacity for point of use in high circuit count server racks or for use in CSI PowerBay BDFB cabinets.

  • 19”/ 23” Rack mount, 3 R/U high. High breaker circuit count to support multiple servers and their redundant power supply circuit requirements and combined high current loads .
  • High power density and ampacity: 300 Amperes per input: (Single input, A/B input) high ampacity versions . 200 Amperes combined load: (A/B/C -source) low ampacity redundant version. Accepts up to 22 plug-in bullet terminal circuit breakers for convenience and flexibility.
  • Small RU requirement leaves room for maximum network equipment space in equipment racks.
  • Two-hole lug high current bus bars for input and return terminations. Supports large AWG input cable feeders.
  • Alphanumeric LCD display for voltage, load current per bus, breaker status. Bright, color coded LED indicators for power input power status, breaker trip and alarms .
  • Form-C alarm contacts for Major and Minor alarms.
  • Single hole or two hole lug termination bus bar array for circuit breaker protected outputs and returns. Low ampacity A/B/C version provides setscrew barrier strip output terminals. High ampacity versions provide two-hole lug landing.
  • Accepts bullet terminal circuit breakers available from CSI in numerous amperage ratings. Interchangeable breakers reduces spare parts inventory and cost .
  • Flip down front cover panel protects breakers from nuisance tripping. Convenient front access for breaker installation.
  • Plug-in breakers can be installed incrementally as needed to reduce install cost. Breakers can be changed in seconds to support equipment load and configuration changes over time 11 .
  • Input/output clear plastic termination guard 12.