DCX DC/Battery Disconnect System

High ampacity DC battery disconnect device for telecom applications.

  • Top Terminal Mount
  • 400-1200 ampere range
  • 400, 600, 800, 1,000, and 1,200 ampere models.
  • Direct Battery Terminal mounting options for common GNB, C&D, and East Penn/Unigy Cell configurations. Bus adapter and hardware kits provided for individual battery cell size configurations - (refer to compatibility table for info).
  • Wall mount bracket set option available.
  • 19/23” rack mount bracket set option available.
  • LED indicators for On-line / Off-line status, EPO trip and general fault alarm status.
  • Form-C relay contact output for remote monitoring of status.
  • UL Listed circuit breaker device. UL 489 standard. UL listed interrupting capacity: 25,000A.
  • Telecom time delay trip for rectifier / battery applications. (No trip at 100% rating at 25 C).
  • -48VDC, +24VDC configurations available.
  • EPO input provided for use with Remote Emergency Power Off switch if required by local codes. Remote contact closure on EPO input causes breaker trip / disconnect.
  • DMP digital monitor panel option provides LCD display monitoring of voltage, charge current, discharge current, battery temperature, breaker status, EPO status, and provides audible and visual alarms. Communication port provides upgrade path for SNMP / Ethernet interface for remote monitoring of individual battery string status via serial data and category 5 LAN interface 11.
  • Internal copper bus structure supports installation of up to four 750MCM cable/lugs for input/output connections. Terminations are contained and protected inside housing but visible via clear inspection covers. Bus mounting for two-hole lugs with both 1” and 1.5” bolt spacing patterns are supported 12.
  • Complies with NFPA Thermal run-away detection requirements.