DC Power Distribution

CSI manufactures a complete range of DC distribution components and systems from the Power plant to the user load equipment. Our PowerBay line of PDF and BDFB cabinets provide high current source distribution fusing and circuit breaker protection. Our rack mount product family includes fuse and circuit breaker panels, DC distribution centers and power routers.

SPECIAL FOCUS: Broadband Industry Power Quality and Capacity Upgrades

CSI is a key provider of high density DC power for network upgrades. Our product and installation packages provide the power required by new “power hungry” network devices such as routers, CMTS, optical transport and VOIP backbone equipment.


DC power plant Power Distribution Frame (PDF) systems provide high current rectifier and battery power source distribution from the power plant to the BDFB infrastructure.


Battery Distribution Fuse Bay (BDFB) systems provide intermediate current distribution via circuit breakers to individual rack mount distribution fuse or breaker panels.


Rack mount fuse and circuit breaker panels along with high current distribution centers provide local in-rack distribution to network equipment loads.

Equipment rack products:

  • 19” x 7’ Seismic zone 4 relay racks
  • 23” x 7’ Seismic zone 4 relay racks
  • 23” x 7’ Optical systems rack
  • 19” x 7’ x 30” Frame/cabinet rack
  • Rack mount blanking plates

DC Source

  • rectifier

Energy Storage

  • Batteries

HIGH Current

Medium Current

Low Current

In Rack Distribution

Control and monitoring

AC Systems

  • UPS
  • Switchgear
  • generators …

Accessories and Support components

  • breakers
  • kits,
  • lugs
  • cable
  • etc…

Equipment Racks and cabinets

Network Equipment Thermal Management/Cooling