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Company Profile

Comm/net Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1992. Started by Tom Osterman, a 25 year communications and power industry veteran.

Our Corporate office is located in Seattle - we have regional branch offices that allow us to service entire USA and Canada, with local offices in California, Washington.

Some facts about us:

  • We manufacture AC and DC power systems including innovative and high-reliability products that have been installed in major communications facilities across the country.
  • We have sold over 350 generator systems across the US and in excess of 500 UPS and DC power plant systems.
  • We have provided turn-key design/build services for over 80 primary communication facilities and over 300 secondary smaller facilities.
  • We have current power system maintenance contracts for over 300 customer sites in 5 states.
  • We have a significant group of support vendors, manufacturers and in-house resources.
  • We are a licensed electrical and telecom contractor in several states.
  • We are fully insured and bonded and have numerous national customer vendor installation contracts.
  • We are a stocking distributor for many power system components including batteries, AC/DC power devices, replacement parts and supplies.

National sales and service hotline: 1-800-274-0544

Our Market Focus

Our communications facility customers are in constantly upgrading existing facility configurations to support expanded service deployment. Whether it be new-build or existing facility upgrades, Comm/net is equipped and focused to support additional power and infrastructure required to track the customer network growth. Comm/net is an expert at facility power, infrastructure, monitoring and integration upgrade scope of work.

We service and support facilities many facilities that are already built but need constant internal upgrade to provide new services or expansion of existing services.

The Comm/net Systems, Inc. facility related scope of work often includes the following categories of equipment/installation:

  • New building shell, add-on space or remodel of existing.
  • Provision and installation of equipment racks and cabinets.
  • Installation of either rack supported or ceiling supported auxiliary framing and ladder rack systems.

Advanced Power and Integration Services

  • Installation of fiber management, OCEF’s and related components.
  • Installation of the external and internal equipment grounding system.
  • Provision and installation of the power systems infrastructure: DC powerplants, UPS systems, Generators and switchgear, distribution components.
  • Installation of alarm/ NOC wiring and our SiteRanger site status and power quality monitoring platform.
  • Provision and installation of Fiber, power, LAN GigE and Coax cabling systems.
  • Service after the sale: power systems maintenance, service and repair.