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Comm/net Systems, Inc. provides high reliability power and infrastructure solutions for communications site applications.

We manufacture Telecom grade AC and DC power source and distribution devices as well as providing complete in-house systems integration services for installation.

Our EF&I division provides complete power system configuration and installation for UPS systems, generators, DC power systems, Battery plants, inverters and AC/DC power distribution components.

We service what we sell.

We provide service after the sale with our regionally based preventive maintenance and service groups for both preventative maintenance and emergency response and repair services in all of our markets.


Comm/net Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of power source and distribution equipment used for powering network equipment in Telecom/Broadband sites. Our product line includes both AC and DC power systems.

Our Power distribution product line includes innovative products that include high power density, embedded control intelligence, redundancy and other unique features.

Our extensive power source and distribution product family includes: +24 and -48VDC rectifier and power modules, battery disconnects, battery racks and cabinets, rack mount fuse and circuit breaker panels, high-density DC distribution centers, redundant power routers, High current BDFB’s and circuit breaker cabinets.


Comm/net Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of equipment racks and cabinets for power distribution, batteries, rectifier bays as well as for use for customer equipment.

Our product family includes a 19/23” optical rack system and universal configurable 19” relay rack, frame rack and cabinet.

Advanced Power and Integration Services

We have a national systems integration group. We design the power system and network infrastructure for facilities including the engineering and design support functions. We provide the components and installation resources using in-house staff professionals to provide turn-key value added projects for our customers.

We are a power systems maintenance and repair group. We have preventive maintenance contracts covering over 300 facilities in four states. We maintain and repair UPS systems, Generators and switchgear and DC power plants. We service, install and maintain battery systems for high reliability back-up.

We are a responsive developer of application specific products for Telecom and Broadband power applications. We design and manufacture custom products in low volume and on a quick turn-around basis. We aggressively develop innovative product platforms to support our customers, these solutions complement our existing product line as well as our integration service provision.